Find a COS-Accredited ASP

The Center for Offshore Safety is the only organization that is recognized by the federal government to accredit an Audit Service Provider to audit Safety and Environmental Management Systems.

As the accreditation body for third-party ASP, COS provides a portal for auditing firms that are accredited or that wish to become accredited to perform SEMS audits. COS provides the list of COS accredited organizations which conduct BSEE required SEMS audits and issue certificates pursuant to third-party requirements for SEMS auditing and certification.

The following organizations have been accredited by COS and are accredited to conduct SEMS audits pursuant to 30 CFR 250 Subpart S and to issue certificates pursuant to COS-2-03, Requirements for Third-Party SEMS Auditing and Certification:

For more information regarding these accredited ASPs, including their date of accreditation and last COS assessment, visit: COS Accreditation

COS-Accredited ASP

  • ABS Quality Evaluations Inc.
    Dominic Townsend: 281-221-9184,
  • CICS Americas Inc.
    Kurt Teuscher: 281-292-8606,
  • DNV GL Business Assurance USA, Inc.
    Chandran Ilango: 281 396-1696,
  • ERM Certification and Verification Services
    Christopher Bentick 281-746-8100;
  • M&H Auditing
    Philip Emanuel: 281-664-6829,