Who We Serve

The Center for Offshore Safety reinforces the industry’s commitment to safety for workers while meeting the highest performance standards for environmental protection and sustainability.

COS is committed to the industry’s core value of safety, environmental protection as well as operational integrity delivered through risk management and safety management systems.  This commitment will deliver the long-term sustainable operation of oil and natural gas production facilities in the Gulf of Mexico. These goals align with economic growth, improved energy security, lower costs for consumers and more prosperous outcomes for their communities.

Operational Excellence

COS continues to serve the communities of the Gulf Coast and industry at large by:

  • Enhancing and continuously improving industry's safety and environmental performance
  • Gaining and sustaining public confidence and trust in the oil and natural gas industry
  • Increasing public awareness of the industry's safety and environmental performance
  • Stimulating cooperation within industry to share best practices and learn from each other
  • Providing a platform for collaboration between industry, the government, and other stakeholders
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Members commit to safety, environmental protection, and long-term sustainability with COS