Center for Offshore Safety now offering SEMS Certificates for Offshore Wind and Operations outside the U.S. OCS

July 26, 2023 — The Center for Offshore Safety (COS) is pleased to announce the publication of two new guidance documents that provide a pathway for qualified companies to receive recognition for their commitments toward enhancing safety and environmental performance in offshore operations. With these documents, offshore energy operations worldwide now have the opportunity to be recognized for implementing the 4th Edition of API Recommended Practice (RP) 75, Recommended Practice for a Safety and Environmental Management System for Offshore Operations and Assets. The two new guidance documents apply to all companies with offshore operations, both domestic and international. 

“More companies around the world are applying the proven principles of a Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS) modeled after API RP 75,” said Russell Holmes, Senior Director of the Center for Offshore Safety. “As more natural gas and oil operators expand their energy portfolio to include offshore renewables such as wind, they see the benefits of assuring their SEMS is integrated across all operations. Implementation of API RP 75 4th Edition and COS’ SEMS Certificate Program answers that need.”

COS-2-05, Requirements for COS SEMS Certificates with International Addendum, outlines the process for companies to obtain a COS SEMS certificate. To qualify, companies must establish, implement and maintain a SEMS meeting the requirements of API RP 75 (current edition or edition required by regulation). The SEMS must undergo an audit by a COS-accredited Audit Service Provider and complete any necessary corrective action. A COS SEMS certificate provides independent third-party verification that a company’s SEMS meets the requirements of API RP 75, demonstrating a commitment to safety and environmental protection.

COS-1-09, Guidance for Conducting SEMS Audit, RP 75, 4th Edition, offers guidance on conducting an audit of your management system in alignment with the standards outlined in RP 75. The 4th edition of API RP 75, published in 2019, is performance-based, necessitating a new auditing approach compared to previous editions´┐╝ To assist auditors, the COS guidance document provides comprehensive instruction for conducting management system audits along with specific guidance for assessing compliance with the expectations outlined in API RP 75.

The new documents are available for free on COS is also working on developing additional guidance documents to assist in implementing and auditing RP 75, 4th edition.

The Center for Offshore Safety (COS) promotes the highest level of safety for the U.S. offshore natural gas and oil industry through effective leadership, communication, teamwork, use of disciplined management systems, and independent third-party auditing and certification. The work of COS is based on API RP 75, Safety and Environmental Management System for Offshore Operations and Assets. Learn more about COS and information on how to become a member at

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