About SEMS Certificates

The Center for Offshore Safety promotes Safety and Environmental Management Systems which deliver safe and reliable operations and operational integrity.

The Center for Offshore Safety (COS) plays a critical role in SEMS audits by accrediting qualified third-party Audit Service Providers (ASP), that audit a company's SEMS and its implementation at their facilities  in accordance with COS-2-03, API RP 75 and country requirements such as the U.S. Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement’s (BSEE) SEMS requirements. SEMS certificates are available to both COS members and non-members.

Upon completion of a SEMS audit by an independent COS-accredited ASP, and resolution of necessary corrective actions, companies can receive a certificate demonstrating that they meet the requirements of COS and API Recommended Practice (RP) 75.

Operators, Drillers, Contractors and Other Service Providers

Only US OCS Operators are regulatorily required by BSEE to conduct SEMS audits and implement SEMS. However, drilling contractors, offshore service providers, and other contract organizations must work within an operator’s SEMS, and can be part of an operator’s SEMS audit. Additionally, many organizations voluntarily implement SEMS and gain recognition for their efforts by having their SEMS independently audited by a COS-accredited ASP and obtaining a COS SEMS Certificate.

SEMS certificates are available to all offshore energy operations who have a SEMS audit performed by an accredited ASP, resolve their findings through appropriate corrective/preventive action, and have completion of their actions verified by an accredited ASP. Requirements for COS SEMS Certificates (COS-2-05) gives all offshore companies the opportunity to receive a SEMS Certificate if they meet the requirements of the document. 

Find a COS-accredited Audit Service Provider

COS provides a list of COS-accredited companies that are authorized to conduct SEMS audits and issue SEMS certificates.