API Recommended Practice 75 provides guidance for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving a Safety and Environmental Management System for offshore oil and natural gas operations. 

API RP 75, Safety and Environmental Management System for Offshore Operations and Assets, is a performance-based document that provides a systemic methodology for companies to identify and manage operational risk, enhance worker safety, and protect the environment. The 4th edition, published in December 2019, expands the reach of SEMS, acknowledges advancements in technology and improvements of risk management, and expands the safety and environmental management system by:

  • Extending the standard for use globally, beyond its previous focus on domestic operations in the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf;
  • Providing guidance on how companies should interface with each other to ensure operational risks are managed, and safety and environmental protection are maintained;
  • Expanding the types of operations that fall under SEMS risk management expectations, providing greater consideration of human performance;
  • Structuring the standard to encourage utilization by contractors and sub-contractors; and,
  • Including advancements in technology, operations and overall knowledge