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The Center for Offshore Safety membership represents offshore oil and natural gas companies dedicated to driving safety, sustainability, and environmental protection on the Outer Continental Shelf.

Based on industry feedback, COS has updated its membership terms and dues to encourage new members and engage a larger portion of the offshore workforce to meet important safety and sustainability objectives, while enabling the industry to remain a foundational part of our nation’s economy. Annual dues have been eliminated for API members and reduced to $5,000 for non-members, including contractors and other service providers. Membership criteria has been clarified to include not only a fully operational safety and environmental management system (SEMS) but also SEMS equivalents based on the service provided (e.g., API Spec Q2). 

Guiding Principles

Members of the Center for Offshore Safety (COS) include oil and natural gas operating companies, drilling contractors, energy services firms, and affiliated trade associations. COS members commit to a set of Guiding Principles:

  • COS Members demonstrate a visible commitment to safe operations.
  • COS Members work collaboratively to drive safe operations and create a culture of safety.
  • Decision making at all levels actively promotes safe operations.
  • Safety and environmental management systems (SEMS) undergo continual examination and improvement.
  • Open communication and appropriate transparency of safety information is used to build mutual trust among stakeholders, share learnings, and promote collective improvement in safe operations.
  • Everyone is responsible for safety and empowered to take action.
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Members commit to safety, environmental protection, and long-term sustainability with COS